096. Vivian Carrasco: Mindset, transformation, and practice

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096. Vivian Carrasco: Mindset, transformation, and practice

Transformation is often thought of as a particular turning point, but Vivian Carrasco views it as a daily practice. She discusses stillness, shifting your mindset, and her touch stones. Vivi unpacks her thoughts on transformation, and how podcasting fits into her journey. She shares her personal practices, thoughts on success, and reflections on her beginnings and her own path.

Vivian Carrasco is a wisdom teacher, mindset mentor, and podcaster based in Fort Worth, Texas. She encourages and coaches people to Love.Being.Human(tm), helping them find their truth, overcome fear, and move forward on their heart’s path. Vivian works one on one with individuals, and also created Within (U)niversity, an online platform for people to come together on their journey of living from their core.

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