Selene Yeager: Menopause, health, and writing

Movers Mindset
Movers Mindset
Selene Yeager: Menopause, health, and writing

Selene Yeager doesn’t shy away from topics other might avoid; in fact, she is leading the conversation around menopause. She shares her journey into creating a podcast about menopause, and her own experiences with menopause. Selene explains her thoughts on diet, nutrition, health tracking, and cycling. She discusses her relationship with writing, and what she’s currently reading.

Selene Yeager is a professional health and fitness writer, cycling and nutrition coach, personal trainer, athlete, and podcast host. She has written articles for many publications, including Bicycling Magazine, Runner’s World, and Men’s and Women’s Health, in addition to authoring, co-authoring, and contributing to over 2 dozen books. Beyond writing, Selene is the host of Hit Play Not Pause, a podcast focusing on menopause for athletes.

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